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Has anyone set up a Citizen CT-S310 printer with Lightspeed Retail? We are attempting to set one up and can't find a way to shrink the print output to fit. Most of the time either (or both) sides are chopped off cutting out parts of item names and/or prices.

Please help.

Ty in advance


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    Hi @ShanaKarn,

    although we don't offer support for that printer it sounds like the main issue is with the printing preferences which can be modified on the print dialogue box.

    If you're using chrome this can be modified in this window:

     If words are cutting off on the side clicking on More settings  and setting the Margins to Custom will allow you to move the information in on the receipt so that it doesn't print "off" the paper.

    Otherwise, make sure that the receipt paper size is properly inputted in More settings>Paper SizeThe paper size we typically use is size 72 x 2000mm.

    If you're using Firefox these settings have to be modified in your Windows or Mac settings.

    Ultimately your best resource for the printer is the manufacturer himself. Citizen offers support for their products through the following link:

    If you need any additional help you can reply with information about the browser and operating system you're using below and I can try helping you figure this out.

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    How do you make changes to the margins in Firefox?

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