How can i get the attached image on workorder with Retail API?

jsrawat89jsrawat89 Member Posts: 3

I have some workorders which has image attached and I am doing integration between salesforce and lightspeed by using retail API. Is there any method by which I can pull the attached images in workorder by using api callout.

It's urgent please let me know if you know this process.

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  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 608 moderator

    Hey @jsrawat89,

    To retrieve the images from the ones attached to a given workorder you'll need to make a request like so:

    Depending on how many images are attached to the workorder you'll either receive a directly nested object (if a single image) or an array of images when you navigate to the object:Workorder.Images.WorkorderImage

    There will be JSON object(s) that you will be able to parse with the following keys:













    From there you will concatenate the baseImageURL and the publicID to get the URL of your image in question.

    Hope this helps!

    Adrian Samuel

    Integrations & Solutions Developer - Strategic Solutions

    Lightspeed HQ

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