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Hi Lightspeed community!

Our webdevelopment team at Sluijmer Multimedia is creating a new theme for a client's webshop. The original version can be found here:

The new WIP / development version can be found here, and can of course still be buggy or broken:

We are currently in the process of converting our designs to the Lightspeed-compatible rain files, and are running into some problems. Specifically, we would like to do the following things that aren't completely working out:

We would like to show the review score of a product with the number of reviews that the product has next to it. In the picture below, you can see the rating of the product, with (123) next to it. It doesn't seem possible to add this, though, as the product objects on the homepage (popular, newest and featured) do not have an array of reviews, or a reviews count built in. I've looked into AJAX requests, but am afraid that I would exceed the AJAX limit per page if I loaded the JSON object for every product on the homepage (approx 20-30). I read in the theme developer's manual that the maximum number of AJAX calls should not exceed 2 or 3 per page. Is there another way to get this to work?

Furthermore, we would like to add "rich" headlines (as shown in the picture below). These headlines would allow a title, subtitle, and a button (with text and a destination url). The current implementation of headlines, however, only allows a title, an image and a destination url. Is it possible to add additional fields for a subtitle and button text in some way? It would be nice if headlines supported custom fields, sort of like products do. One possible solution would be to give each headline a unique title, and include a different rain snippet for each headline. The client could (if really necessary) change the texts in each of these snippets. While this is not a very graceful solution, I fear it's the only way to get this to work, unless the Lightspeed team decides to make headlines more customizable. Any other ideas would be welcome!

Finally, we would like to add multiple of one item to the shopping cart from the homepage. As you can see, the product in the picture above has a dropdown box that allows a user to add up to 5 of one product to their shopping cart at once. If only one unit of a product is added, a simple GET request is sufficient, but for multiple items, we have to use a form which makes a POST request to the shopping cart page. When the former method is used, the user is automatically redirected to the homepage. This does not happen when multiple units are added using a POST request. Is it possible to redirect the user to the homepage when (s)he adds more than one unit of a product to their shopping cart using a POST form?

Thanks for reading! I hope someone has some creative ideas to solve our problem, or could provide us with a prospect as to whether any of the functionality we would like to use will be available directly in Lightspeed in the near future.

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