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I am trying to use the createdSince parameter in the GET All Online Orders endpoint found in the following documentation:

Here is an example of the request I am trying to make using post man. Note that only when I include the createdSince parameter, the web service call fails:

My goal here is to pull all PROCESSED orders for a given date range. I do not actually plan to use the amount or offset parameters if I don't have to (they are just there for debugging purposes to prove that createdSince is the only one I am having issues with).

I tried many different formats, but I cannot find a date format that will work without error. Could someone please send me an example of a proper use of this parameter? From looking at the documentation for the "status" parameter, it appears the documentation is a bit outdated, so I'm not sure if there have been any changes for the createdSince parameter.

Also, I noticed that in the documentation listed above, the example response is returning a list of orderItems. However, I am not getting the orderItems to return:

If I take the above order ID and make a single order call, the order does in fact have order items. Is there any way for the get all orders call to also return the order items? Or am I really going to have to make a single call for each order?


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    Thanks for raising this issue. I checked the logs and it appears to be a bug on our side. I've raised a ticket to our development team to asses the issue. We will look into this ASAP.

    Regarding the response, the orderItems do not get returned on the /order endpoint. The only way to view the orderItems is to call the order by ID.


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    Thank you for the response. Will you be updating this thread once the fix is completed and I can expect to try to test again?

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