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Hi, I have a retail store with several locations. We often have partial stock, (where we take a part out the whole item and sell that and then reorder that part to put back into the whole item) in the back room that is awaiting parts to repair it and put back in the front of the store for resale, but not enough to warrant purchasing an entire new location in Lightspeed. I read somewhere here a while ago that someone else just created a customer called "Damaged / Awaiting repair" and invoiced them out at 100% discount. And then voided the sale when the spare part came back and we put the item back on the front office to sell. My question is, should I also zero the cost when I invoice it to Damaged? Because if I don't the margins for the day are all skewed, but if I do then when I void the sale later it comes back into stock at zero cost.

Is there a better way to do this or which option should I use for costs?


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    Hey @Rocko ,

    If I understood correctly you would like to remove items from inventory temporarily until the spare parts of this item arrive, once the parts are available, you want to put the item back to inventory and sale. You can use the called "Damaged / Awaiting repair" but you don't need to complete the sale, you can put the items on layaway. The layaway will remove the item from inventory but will not be a completed sale. You can also use work order for this customer, items added to a work order are removed from inventory also. Once the items are ready to be returned to the inventory, just need to remove from the layaway or the work order.

    Using these options, you don't need to be concerned with costs and margins.



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