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We need to be able to check notification emails that have been sent from e-Com to our customers. There is a log of emails sent available in Retail, but we can't find anything similar in e-Com. This is an issue for us! We can't verify certain actions - for instance, recently ShipStation has changed how it sends notifications and links from Ship Station to the e-Com order. It is not possible for us to see or verify what our customer actually was sent.

Can you please provide a log of emails sent to customers on the e-Com side?


  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 277 moderator

    Hi @lavenderwind

    The history window within an order will show which emails have gone out to the customer, indicated by the bell icon:

    There is no log with all emails that have been sent.

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  • lancemuzlancemuz Member Posts: 34 ✭

    Hi @lavenderwind, you mentioned that "there is a log of emails sent available in Retail". I wasn't aware of that and haven't been able to find such a log. Can you or anyone else tell me where that is?

    Lance Muzslay

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  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 654 moderator

    Hey @lancemuz, if you navigate to Settings > Advanced Setup > EventLog Then filter for Email and you'll find the log of all the emails you've sent from your Retail account :)

    Adrian Samuel

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  • TrolleyMuseumTrolleyMuseum Member Posts: 30 ✭

    I think this is CRAZY that there is no comparable event log in the Ecom side. I have to log into customer service and wait in a queue, sometime up to 35 people long so they can verify it was indeed sent and I still can't see a copy. It is awful that I can't provide customer service to my guests. With all the bugs and issues with LS, we are supposed to assume that the email was actually sent with the only proof being the "note" on the ecom order? HOW, in any scenario, is LS keeping this information unavailable to their own customers a plausible idea? It makes no sense to keep me from helping my customers because LS refuses to show me what is sent on my behalf? How do you justify showing everything on the POS side but not the Ecom side? Clearly someone thought it was a good idea for those events to be logged and viewable?

  • Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 53

    what?? no log of emails sent?? thats nuts! there should be a list of email correspondence by order number available for review!

  • TrolleyMuseumTrolleyMuseum Member Posts: 30 ✭

    It's absurd. The fact that it is THERE, but unable to be viewed, except by customer service is beyond......I can't even.

  • kailaseguinkailaseguin Member Posts: 16

    Has this been changed yet? Can we see emails in ecomm yet?

  • TrolleyMuseumTrolleyMuseum Member Posts: 30 ✭


    My "ticket" has not been updated, so sadly, I think not.

  • chschs Member Posts: 3

    I would also like to see this added as have had 2 issues this week where customers claim they never received the tracking information, and have no where to confirm, is the customer lying or is there an issue that needs to be addressed?

  • LSUgirlLSUgirl Member Posts: 5


    I'm shocked to read this. In all our threads, no one from LS has told us this is available.

  • lavenderwindlavenderwind Member Posts: 2

    FYI - Emails are now visible on the RETAIL side, not eCom, even though they are sent via the eCom site. So if you are in RETAIL, this is where you go:

    Settings>Event Log Entries

    You can then select the type of log entry you want to view.

    Finally! It's just hard to remember where to go to find these things, and I hope they put the same function on the eCom site.

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