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I have read a few post on this but i want to make sure of some stuff. Our store as 2 floors last year we did our count in one shot but it was quite a task. This year we want to split it on a few days. Day one for exemple all the bikes and tires. How is the best way to do this for the whole store without messing the final inventory



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    This is our first year with retail. We are also looking for feedback regarding inventory counts.

    We have currently have 40640 items in stock spread over 21939 different skus. In years past we hire a company that comes in with a crew of people with scanners to scan everything in the store in one day. When they are done they give us a text file to import into the system to update stock information. Looks like this might not be possible with the current inventory count feature. Please advise how you would suggest proceeding.

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    Hey @Vélomania ,

    You can filter the count by categories or brands. The important is to follow the steps in order and don't forget to reconcile once you finished the count.

    Doing inventory counts

    Hey @thps ,

    Some partners can import the file for you using API tools (like Accumula). Other option would be zero out the inventory using the inventory counts and import the new quantities using the purchase order (this option is not easy for 20k SKUs).



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    Instead of counting everything at once I have our team count inventory for a single brand at one time when a shop is slow. This typically gets several times per year per brand so I have high confidence that our inventory is very accurate at any given time. It makes it much easier spreading out the counting into smaller chunks.

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    Hi Vélomania,

    TD;LR We can help you export/import inventory levels.

    I have great respect for you and those posting here  making the time to count your inventory. I know it’s mind boggling but many do not. It sounds hard and can consume a lot of resources. But you can do it and capture the only true measure of your real inventory on hand.

    Having helped customers through counts into the early hours of the morning, I know first hand the experience of counting in both large and small stores.

    The moderator and those who have posted earlier are all correct about the counting workflow options in Lightspeed. We’ve help many many customers find a workflow that works for their unique shop conditions.

    I always like starting with the tools in the box, and Lightspeed has a lot of great ones. However, if you just can’t find a workflow that makes sense for your shop, it might be might be time to expand the box.

    An option we’ve helped folks like yourself complete is to export a “freeze frame” of your existing inventory and import any adjusted inventory levels. The difference between the export and import would be your shrinkage report. If your count extends beyond a single day, you would need to adjust your import file and your shrinkage report to account for sales. 

    If you’d like help with something like this we can definitely help. 

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    Thanks for all your help, we will probably do our inventory by category/sub category , spreading it on a few days. Right now we are prparing it assuring that all the product is in the right category. We are open to ideas, especially from anyone in the bicycle business


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    Quick question related to inventory counts. One of our sites created a new inventory count object. It appears as if old/inactive/test archived items were pulled into the list. Is there an option to exclude archived items when building this?

    Also, some feedback I got from our users who were using iPads and Symbol barcode scanners indicated some hangups when multiple users were scanning stock items. The app screen would show "loading" and some items weren't actually updated on the back-end as being scanned. The audio-visual response indicated a good scan and the screen showed the item was updated. But the inventory count list didn't reflect this.

    A lot of POS/Inventory systems have offline inventory counts. Where a listing is downloaded to a handheld scan device, the items are scanned, and the results then uploaded back against the listing. This appears to be real-time. Are there concurrency issues with multiple users all hitting the same resource? Out of curiosity I'm wondering what are the max amount of concurrent iPad users some customers have had success with.

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    Hi Gregarican,

    Curious that you are seeing archived items. How are you making your list?

    You are correct that counting with multiple iPads is challenging. I was with a shop that tried counting with 5 iPads. We quickly identified that using 2 iPads was about the limit. It's definitely important to take it slow and let each scan load. Refreshing the screen will also merge the count totals from all the other devices.

    We've seen much better success using a rolling cart with a Laptop and Honeywell 1200G USB scanner. Alternatively, you could use the Honeywell 1202G wireless scanner, but you must have a spotter confirm the scan on screen.

    The audible beep is only confirmation that the scanner head decoded a barcode. It does not mean that the scan was received by anything.

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