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Using the eCommerce API it is possible to update the variants' stock levels in bulk.

How can this be done for multiple items in a retail shop?

Every day a stock file is generated by our logistics provider containing SKU and stock level, which needs to be updated in the correct shop. We first fetch all the items to map SKU to ShopItemID so that we can create the payload to update the items' qoh (stock level). Looking at the docs in the link below, it seems that it can only be done by making an API update call per item, which will result in 900+ call in our case.

So, is there a way to update in bulk which I'm missing or is there any other way to this (Inventory Counts?)?


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    Hey @shineability,

    Thank you for your inquiry, we presently don't have a way to update multiple items in bulk in retail although it is something we are looking into it

    A rate limit of 1/60 means that you get 1 point back every 1 seconds.

    Since you need 10 points to make a PUT (update) request, you'll find that once you need to wait 10 seconds before you can make another request.

    Therefore you can make 6 requests a minute and 360 requests per minute.

    900 qoh item updates would take 2.5 hours.

    If this is done in the evening this is better since the rate limit is increased to 3 overnight so

    3/60 means you get 180 points per minute which equates to 18 requests per minute which means you can process 1080 requests per hour.

    For reference purposes, more information on rate limiting can be found here:

    I hope this helps!

    Adrian Samuel

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    hola que tal,

    ya existe una solución para este problema? , les agradecería que la compartieran, estoy tratando de actualizar el inventario en tiempo real, las primeras actualizaciones funcionan sin problema, pero llega al punto de no actualizar el nivel de inventario de ningún articulo

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