More effective ways to track customer notes

Hi! Yall have a very handy feature that allows for adding notes to a customers profile, however there is no useful way to access this info. While you can go into the back end, pick a specific customer, and look at the notes tab, it is not handy when you are dealing with over 5,000 client profiles because going thru each one would be an enormous waste of time. What we are hoping to find a solution to/have developed in the program is to be able to print a report of any customers that have notes attached to their profile for clientele purposes. I looked into the apps that link with LightSpeed Retail and didn't find any that seemed to suite this specific need though there is one that may if I look further into it. I thought it might be handy to share because the LS associate that I called to inquire about this with said this is feedback they have received from many of yalls clients.

If anyone has any suggestions for handy clientele tools I would love to hear it! Or if anyone has knowledge on how to more effectively use the notes function in the transaction process that would be extremely welcome as well!

Thanks 😊


  • sam123456sam123456 Member Posts: 31

    Just so I understand what you're looking for: You want to be able to run a report, possibly on a schedule or by clicking on a button, that will generate a .csv or .xlsx file formatted like "customer, note" on each row? Any other details you wanted on there?

  • runawayshoes_radrunawayshoes_rad Member Posts: 1

    Yeah, this would be nice. We want to be able to put what doctor or PT referred a customer our way, and when they hit 10 referrals, we send them something. But there's nothing in Lightspeed that would really make this possible.

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