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Can you please tell me what the api submit identifier/trigger (for the shipment_id) is that will mark an order as shipped and adds the track and trace code to the order.

Thank you very much for our qucik answer.



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    Thank you. This is the feedback I received initially:

    "the main problem for them is to determine which data should be sending as shipment_id – they use everything without success."

    I was told that they already tried the order update triggers without any luck.

    If you or another member could be more specific to which specific data fields they should submit it would be very appreciated.

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    Same in terms of being more specific. Do you have a sample of the JSON request/response pair that indicated the API call failed? The documentation lists an example that should work. Just find an order ID that you wish to update the status for. The order ID would then be at the tail end of the URL of your API call.

    I would think if you just need to update the status for that order, then the JSON body of your API call would just need that one field and its new value provided.

    So do you have an example of a failed API call that you can provide?

  • ewgewg Member Posts: 3

    In the meantime it is working. Thank you @gregarican for your assistance!

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