Effective date in Google Shopping Feed

I have succesfully loaded my products into Google Merchant Center. When I start a shopping campaign the sale price is not loaded, but the original price is shown.

When I have a look at the product attributes in Adwords and check the price details, I do see a price and correct sale price. The start date is set 1 jan 1970 and no end date is shown. Because there is no end date, google shopping will give the full price instead of the sale price.

I cant find in lightspeed where to configure the sale period, so I added the sale_price_effective_date to the google feed:

 {% if product.price.price_old_incl %}

          <g:price>{{ product.price.price_old_incl | money_float }} {{ shop.currency | upper }}</g:price>

          <g:sale_price>{{ product.price.price_incl | money_float }} {{ shop.currency | upper }}</g:sale_price>

  <g:sale_price_effective_date>2019-02-24T13:00-0800 / 2030-02-29T15:30-0800</g:sale_price_effective_date>

        {% else %}

When I check the feed xml, that effective date is visible for all products:


<g:availability>in stock</g:availability>

<g:price>6.64 EUR</g:price>

<g:sale_price>5.99 EUR</g:sale_price>

<g:sale_price_effective_date>2019-02-24T13:00-0800 / 2030-02-29T15:30-0800</g:sale_price_effective_date>

I have reuploaded and refreshed my feed in Google Merchant Center. I deleted the current and started a new shopping campaign in Adwords. Unfortunately the ad still shows the full price instead of the sale price. And the effective date still is still configured with the start date 1 jan 1970 and has no end date!

What could be an explanation for this? And how to fix this?

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