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agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 44 ✭
Curious as to how others handle backorders in OnSite?

I would like to use a tracker for invoices that have backorders but do not see the option.

Thank you.


  • YorickYorick Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 114 moderator
    While this feature is not part of Lightspeed at the moment, this is an existing feature request. I will let our Product team know that you're also interested.
    Right now what you can do is use the following reports: Backordered Products and Invoice Backorders.
    I hope this helps!
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  • MichaelWWDMichaelWWD Member Posts: 1
    Hello Agscanada,

    We do not use the "backorder" function on Invoices ourselves. We were told long ago when we started using LightSpeed that the standard work flow was Quote > Order > Invoice. Invoiced items, in theory, will have left our store or be ready to leave our store.

    So in an instance where someone would like something that we do not have in stock we key an order for those items. We renamed our orders to "Pro Forma Tax Invoice (Order)" for tax purposes (we are in Australia).

    Those orders that are waiting on stock will have a status of either "partially received" or "requested" so we set up smart finds for those two statuses to keep an eye on old orders and make sure they haven't been missed.

    Hope this helps.

  • noah_herenoah_here Member Posts: 5

    Now that invoices can have a back ordered quantity as well as quantity being sold and you can choose to take payment for the back orders as well as the product that is leaving the store the workflow has changed. (Or it can be changed.)

    We have been struggling with the workflow for invoices with backorders recently. When a customer pays for backorders on an invoice and an order is created from the invoice there is no way (that we know of) to have a deposit show on the order. It is also easy to lose track of the invoice since it doesn't look any different. I'm guessing thats why you want a tracker.
    We create and print the order (from the invoice) right away. We've started to print an extra copy of the invoice (to show that a deposit was taken).
    I've been meaning to ask for the official workflow for a while (maybe I'll post that here). I'd love to hear what your workflow is.

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