KDS Meal Pacing and Cooking Time

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Hi there,

Many of the new Kitchen Display Systems such as that from TOAST and qsrautomations allows cooking time to be entered for each item and thereby enable meal pacing.

This enables the KDS to sort items based on cooking time. Many of the new KDS also have AI sort of feature to do this which makes it extremely useful for the chef to manage the kitchen. Saves a lot of time and issues.

E.g. I have an order of fries (which takes 5 minutes) and a steak which takes 20 minutes, with so many orders going around the kitchen - it would help me if the KDS is able to sort the item based on the right cooking time.

Else, for guests who need multiple items to be delivered together - One of the items could be cold and the other one hot.

I am currently on LightSpeed POS and am planning to use the LightSpeed KDS as well. However, I am not able to find any area in the POS to enter the cooking time etc.

Does Lightspeed KDS support meal pacing feature which is now being incorporated in all the modern KDS systems. If not, is there any plans to do this any time in the near future?


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