Happy New Year, Retailers!

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Happy New Year!

We firmly believe that brick-and-mortars with an omnichannel strategy are the future of retail. In 2018, customers are more likely to discover your business online, but in-store is where the magic happens. What are some of your goals for 2018?

Want to attract more new customers?
Plan to be more active on social media?
Do you want to learn a new skill?

Share your stories with us!
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    We have a one store department store with a strong emphasis on housewares and tabletop. With the current online and in-store environment, we are finding that when we are just selling through display and talking with customers, sales are weaker than they used to be. When we use the omni-channel Lightspeed Ecom website with our instore presentation through demonstrations and education so that customers can see and try merchandise in person, our sales are up.

    As a result, we are working to enable demonstrations and educational events in the store to supplement our in-store display and our online presence so we can increase our ability to have customers experience how to use and profit by the products we sell. This requires in our case, setting up a demonstration area which will meet health codes so we can let customers experience using our various products.

    This change from display and talk to education and demonstration both in the store and online will be a major emphasis during 2018. To the extent we were able to begin this process last year, our sales increased. We are excited to continue in this direction throughout this year. We have benefited by the efforts Lightspeed has made last year such as the joint project with Google for the local shopping data feed and look forward to similar Lightspeed projects in the coming months.
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    I have a 30,000 square foot furniture store with a 15,000 square foot warehouse attached to the rear of the building.  I love the Lightspeed concept, but need the capability to location track my inventory as it moves by aisle, row and bin.  Would love to see you add this functionality.  Until then I am stuck with my current POS system.
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