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This report is one in a collection of analyses to help your store make the most of the holiday season. To see other ideas, check out our blog post: 5 Reports you need to run before the Holidays

As we count down days to the holiday season, we can hope and expect for increased traffic in our store. Are there ways that we can anticipate how holiday traffic may vary from that in the rest of the year? This way, we can prepare to have staff and services ready for our customers.

We could customize a build of Sales by Hour of the Day to get a better idea.

To begin, open up the Sales by Hour of Day report.

As a default, it's determining average count of sales volume per hour from the past 90 days, showing us the busier times (in green-yellow), and the best times to work on other tasks (orange-red)

But we can change the time frame the report looks at.

To do this, let's open up the filters at the top of the report...

And we'll change the Sales Date filter from being in the past 90 days... being in a specific range.

So let's begin our Sample range on a few Sundays back last year...

...then (depending on when your customers holiday season is likely to happen), choose an end date a few Sundays later.

(For best practices in this report, make sure to chose the same weekday for beginning and ending of this report, this way, none of the days will be over-represented in your sample, and your stats will be evenly distributed)

In this model, I'll choose December 30 (which means that the last day of sales measured will be December 29th)

So let's run the report. Click on the purple "Run" button in the top right-hand corner

When the report is done running, it will show us the distribution of store activit

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