Analytics Custom Building: Holiday-only Shoppers

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This report is one in a collection of analyses to help your store make the most of the holiday season. To see other ideas, check out our blog post: 5 Reports you need to run before the Holidays

Who are the customers that haven't shopped at your store since last holiday season? We could find out who these customers are by customizing the Customer Lifetime Value report.

To start, open up Customer Lifetime Value

As a default it will show us all return customers and their days since last purchase.

But to target our holiday-only shoppers, let's go to the Dimensions on the left-hand side for Customer...

Then if we hover over "Days Since Last Purchase" we'll see the option to "Filter"

Click on "Filter", and this will add the Customer Days Since Last Purchase to our report filters:

Now, let's say it's September 12th. That means that last year's holiday season would have completed around 261 days ago.

So we'll change the filter type from "Is equal to"... "Is greater than"...

and let's say is greater than 260

Now before we close the filter, let's also remove the filter for "Customer is Repeat" by clicking on the X next is "Yes"

So now we only have the two filters for our report:

So let's find out who these customers are!

Click on the "Run" button in the top right-hand corner...

So this will bring up all the customers greater than 260 ago.

If we sort by "Days Since Last Purchase" now...

We'll be able to find the customers we're hoping to reach!

From here, there are additional actions we can take, download the list of customers for sending a blast email, exporting their Zip codes to identify areas for marketing and events, and so on...

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