Tips in lightspeed retail: best practices and what works for you?

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Hello community,

I manage IT at a mid-sized wine and spirits shop in midtown Manhattan, and we just switched to Lightspeed. Deliveries to private and corporate customers are a regular part of our business, and those deliveries include tips. Currently, we have it setup as a tax-exempt inventory item, but this causes problems when it comes to counting out the register at the end of the day and rectifying our tax-exempt transactions.

How does everyone process tips?


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    Hi there @Sussexwines !

    Currently, tips are not a feature in Lightspeed Retail since tips are usually to the discretion of the customer. By example, in Lightspeed retail, if the value of the sale was 45.00 and the customer provided a 15% gratuity, or 6.75$, technically, the sales in LSRetail won't allow the person to pay above the 45$.

    Ideally, you could add all of the gratuities accumulated throughout the day and include them in an Add to your till, so the value gets injected with the end of day cash totals, otherwise there's no real way to get this included by default. (integrations could also potentially work, but they would be handled by an external component)

    Hope this helps!


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