Cloudflare Error-code: 1010

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The developers who are helping us build an intergration with Workday have if there is anyone at Lightspeed who can provide tecnical help. Here's their message,

We need your assistance with getting some technical help from Lightspeed.

Please find below I have attached some screen shots indicating error messages we are getting from our attempts to connect to Lightspeed.

When making connections from a locally hosted API tool (i.e. on our laptops), we are finding success.

However, when making connections from Workday’s cloud data centers we get these errors.


Occasionally, a hosting service may need to whitelist the Workday Data Center’s IP addresses. That could be the requirement here – but we need some help from someone at Lightspeed.


Error Messages

…we are getting the below error while accessing Lightspeed API’s through Studio. Same requests are working fine in Postman, however when these requests are used in Studio they results into below error. We even tried making custom Http-out call in studio using Java Http classes and got the same error.




Lightspeed is hosted on Cloudflare server, so we researched for Cloudflare Error-code: 1010 and this error is returned when a website owner blocked the request based on your client's web browser. Documentation for Error-code: 1010 is available here. Also please find below screenshot from the error code documentation.




Charlie Streiff

Technical Associate Director | Technology Solutions

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