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Hi Lightspeed,

We've recently integrated the Lightspeed data into one of our partner platforms via API. my question is related to connecting the data.

what piece or pieces of data are returned in an order in the Orders response that can be linked back to a product in the Products response?

Im not sure what our account number is with Lightspeed, but company name is Air Canada. 

The 3 API endpoints we're consuming are

Customers: http://xxxxxx:[email protected]/en/customers.json

Products: http://xxxxxx:[email protected]/en/products.json

Orders: http://xxxxxx:[email protected]/en/orders.json

Please advise.



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    Hi @SAI The Order endpoint returns a link to the OrderProduct endpoint which contains a list of all products that are part of the order. This endpoint in turn, has a link to each individual product at the product endpoint itself which contains even further product details. Here are some links to our documentation:




    API Support
    Lightspeed HQ
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