"Unauthorized" with valid access key

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I can already retrieve the following from the external app:

- Authorization (access & refresh tokens) with Postman & own code: I follow and use like described on the manual: in header

  • Content-Type 'application/json'
  • Authorization 'Bearer {access key}' - in case of refresh needed ask refresh token and use new obtained access key

-Make simple HTTP requests with a REST client in VSCode

Outside the REST client I can't do the same thing in Postman or my application even if the Authorization/”access token” isn’t expired I get the error: the Access token is invalid?


Maybe the Authorization is defined wrong? If I set in Postman "Authorization" in the Body instead of the Header then next error:

Thanks in advance


  • BDEBeWanBDEBeWan Member Posts: 6

    update : the last screenshot with error "No account is logged in" maybe because the authorization key is empty?

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    The HTTP-response 401 - invalid access token is gone by changing the host url into api.lightspeed.com

    The error "No account is logged in" still persist even if it's api.lightspeedapp or cloud.lightspeedapp. This error you get if you use the authorization in the body of your request. You must put the Authorization: Bearer {code} into the header of the HTTP request.


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    @Leah is it a right url for trail account to generate token

    Please confirm,

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