Change of Price after item is sent to kitchen.

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I honestly cannot understand why it is forbidden to change the price on a ticket after it has been sent to the kitchen. A manager might want to adjust the price on an item for any number of reasons. Servers may notice a mistake when they print the bill and ask the Manager to fix the price. The option exists to allow managers to change the price on a receipt, but it does not work. So now, the item must be deleted, re-entered with the correct price, sent (then run to the kitchen and be sure they don't make it again) and re-print the receipt all while the customer stands there twiddling their thumbs waiting for their bill. If a restaurant does not want to allow this, then fine, don't but we should have the choice. I was told that this was to prevent errors. Not sure what that means. Servers can go in on an iPad and delete a customer and their entire history without so much as a 'Did you really mean to do this' but managers cannot change the price of a sent item.

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    Dear John,

    We have an open feature request to be able to add this ability. I have added your organization to the list of customers seeking this feature and have noted your comments on the request.

    You will be contacted if and when this feature is worked into the product.

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