Best advertising solutions for brick & mortar

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Brick & mortar advertising in the digital age is a huge challenge. But there are some amazing new solutions bridging the digital divide between online customers, who want to shop in brick and mortar stores, and us, the real world retailers themselves.

So with your help let's curate a list of the best, cheapest, most effective advertising and marketing options we can find.

A list we'd like you to join with us on and let's share the top brick & mortar ad solutions

In at number one is:

Solution: 'search the stores around you'

Check out the short explanation video:

What is it: For shoppers it's a web based brick & mortar search that lets them search all the stores around them for what they want. For retailers its simply the most targeted brick & mortar advertising available. bnkle let's you advertise (for free) to brick & mortar shoppers the exact moment they are searching online for what you sell in store.

How do you connect:Just go to and click Join to create a free account, then confirm your Lightspeed retail account, select the products you want to be found and that's it. Everything is automatically updated for you.

Pros: - Free plan - Pay as you use - free click through's to your ecom (if connected) - no extra maintenance - great analytics

Cons: - We're thinking...

What do you think of bnkle? Do you have any recommendations?

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