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Hi all,

Sorry for my poor english, i have look and it do not look possible but i am asking anyway. When a customer bring back a product for a defect Let say Mr Joe Blow is bringing back a item so we go to is account take back the item. From his ccount is there a way directly to do a return to the manufacturer with all the customer infos




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    We would like to see a solution for this problem

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    Hey @EricG & @Vélomania ,

    These are specific instances where the customer information would be tied to the product being sent back to your vendor. The current option we offer to remove products from the system is the Vendor Return.

    There's also a section within the Vendor Return called Notes. Since, generally, the customer information isn't required when returning products to vendors (unless they're being repaired, in which case we suggest work orders), the Notes field is there for those times.

    If you were to print out the packing slip within a vendor return, the notes will figure there. From there, save it as PDF and email it to your vendor.

    Hope this helps make things easier!


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