Managing Batch Numbers in Lightspeed

We are a medical company with products that have traditionally supplied products using serial numbers in high volumes. Lightspeed's treatment of serial numbers (in both receiving and dispatch) allowed us to quickly and accurately manage stock with a minimum of fuss.

Some of our suppliers have changed their stock management systems and are now using batch numbers rather than serial numbers for some of their product lines. We have built a couple of workarounds to manage this within Lightspeed, but they are either messy or time consuming.

Is there a plan to allow Lightspeed to manage batch numbers in a fashion similar to serial numbers.

My thoughts are that allowing batch numbers to be recorded and quantities received or sold, much like with serial numbers would work really well from an operator functionality perspective. In Lightspeed, serial numbers must be unique within each product, but with batch numbers this isn't the case.

Products, PO's and Invoices would need to allow the same batch number to be recorded multiple times and then sold until the quality of the batch number listed is no longer available.

I imagine this isn't straight forward from the perspective of how this fits within Lightspeed's current table structure. I guess it would really require a redesign of quite a few layers within the system.

Is it possible to have a tick box in each product that allows batch numbers to be recorded rather than serial numbers? In this way a product has a tick box on the first tab allowing either serial numbers or batch numbers, or nothing to be set for each product. The effect would be to allow non-unique strings to be recorded into and taken from the product serial number/batch number table?

We have used Lightspeed for 10 years now. This is a major issue for us and one that is leading us away from Lightspeed if this capacity isn't developed. We have already started planning our diversion away from Lightspeed because of this issue, but it would be great if this feature or a similar one is in the works. It would be fantastic to be able to continue with Lightspeed as I feel that all systems like this have pros and cons. Lightspeed's in ability to deal with batch numbers is a real weakness for us.

Anyway, I have posted this to see what might be possible and to see the thoughts of others.

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