Who do I contact at LightSpeed to discuss API integration with 3rd party - LightsAmerica?

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We use a company called LightsAmerica as a digital catalog for our showrooms. They have a beautiful/effective way to help customers find what they want and add/save to a wishlist. Ideally, that wishlist could be ported/sent to LightSpeed so we don't have to re-key the info for the sale. The other integration it to link LightsAmerica's data feed to LightSpeed for automatic updates to the catalogs they are hosting. I'd like to connect their engineer with a LightSpeed's engineer to discuss integration. Where do I go/who do I call?


  • ErnieErnie Member Posts: 1

    We Have tried so many emails and no one responds to questions about getting our business partners in touch with the correct department for creating a intergration.

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    I don't think this makes for good optics for Lightspeed. Figure the more partners they can list then the more attractive the solution is for future customers.

    Most of the integrations aren't out of the box. It requires a third-party integration development entity. They can bridge the gap and make the two sides talk. In the past we used a company called Hyperspace (https://hyperspacehq.com/). They'd be worth a look.

  • roberto_panseraroberto_pansera Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 49 moderator

    Hey @tarib and @Ernie,

    Thanks for your interest in Lightspeed integrations. Have you tried this link to reach out to Lightspeed Partners?


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    I have tried for over a month to speak with someone for partnership to write an API, and no one has gotten back to me. I have customers waiting for my development ready to switch to your company for retail POS, but need someone to respond.

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