Will the API be completed or get updates? I get a lot of endpoints that don't exist returned to me

markguertinmarkguertin Member Posts: 61

For example right now I'm pulling data from /api/invoices/(+d)/payments/(+d)/ and it returns URIs that don't exist, like /api/tills/(+d)

This is not an isolated incident, there are quite a lot of places in the API that return non-existent endpoints. So what I'm wondering is if the API will ever get completed, or at least more updates at some point. Right now it feels like it's been abandoned part way through the implementation. Even the website with the docs still only show docs from the 2018 1.0.0 release (which is quite old).

Can anyone from LightSpeed comment on this? Is there just no one using this API?

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  • markguertinmarkguertin Member Posts: 61

    Some things that you think would be no brainers seem to just not be possible with the API as it stands. Like getting all payments on a given day.

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