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Hi all,

I'm new to lightspeed but I've been working big data for a while. I guess I'm just trying to get some clarification on things that I can't find in the manual in regards to imports/exports. I'm working with a Retail + eCom setup.

My goal - export 5000+ products from inventory, do mass edits in excel / using regex, etc., then Import the data back into the system. Sounds easy enough - and it seems that way. However there are some things that are a bit unnerving and I do not want to proceed until I get some clarification.

Of primary concern - I've gone in and added product imagery for something like 4000 of this products and don't want to lose this information. What is unsettling is that there is nothing regarding the images (filenames / paths / IDs / anything) in the export document. Note: I do see these details in the inventory export from the eCom.

Now, LS recommends exporting and storing the file before a new import as a backup. Normal procedure.

My question though is -- if I were to foul up the import or (though I don't even know if it's possible) manage to delete all of the products. How would my backup be of any help in regards to the product images?

Of more minor importance - on the Retail side when managing a product, there are multiple pricing input fields (Default, MSRP, Online). There is no 'online' column in the inventory export.

I have downloaded a 'Sample' import excel doc and it has an 'Online - Price' column. Could I just add that column to the export doc for import and it will be identified as such. Still not as important as the imagery questions I have.

Thanks for any guidance.


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    We imported in a few thousand SKU's from Shopify into Lightspeed Retail. I did this via the Lightspeed Retail API. There are certain limitations to the spreadsheet-based import/exports I believe. Like as you noticed, not all fields are available. And so many records at a time can be loaded. And so on.

    While it's more effort digging into the API, you have more control over what you're doing. And have access to most all fields. I would recommend either going with that or seeing if a Lightspeed Retail import/export expert can assist you. When it comes to large recordsets, a few years back our sales rep suggested going that route when we were considering pushing 30-40K SKU's into Lightspeed Retail.

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    Hi Gregarican,

    Thanks for your response.

    Yes, the API is attractive, however the work is urgent since the company's prime season is approaching in a week. I'm absolutely certain that I would utilize the API in the future or in the off-season once I've had time to familiarize myself. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of time.

    I guess my question now should be -- is there some way to make a complete backup of the inventory, images and all? It doesn't appear so. Ultimately, I'd like a 'full' backup (not just what is in the export excel doc) should something go awry. In all honesty, this 'backup' safety net would apply to the excel import, along with changes to records via API where I think there is an even greater margin for error (though much more that I can do).

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I want to pile on about the lack of visibility to Online price in POS in general.

    1. I can't find an export or report that includes Online price, so there is no way of bulk reviewing Online Price through the UI
    2. Online price is not available as an option in the Quick Edit Items feature - which is a painful miss.
    3. No price in POS is linked to the "Old Price" in eCom - which makes it labor intensive to update Old Price to show sales. It would be great if MSRP could be linked to it.
    4. No other Pricing Level talks to eCom. So if you create a "Promotion" price level to use with Price Rules in POS to run sales, you still have to manually update the Online price in every item you want to also promote online

    This has been especially painful this Black Friday where we wanted to run a bunch of promotions, but had to manually change every price, and now we are having to manually change each price back - all with no help from the UI.

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