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This report is one in a series of five discussing ways to measure performance of your eCom shop. To see other ideas, check out 5 Lightspeed Analytics eCom Reports for Optimizing Online Sales

How does your eCom store's daily performance compare to your brick and mortar store? We could find this out using Analytics to see what both platforms' performance looks like day by day.

To begin, launch the Recent Sales report, which will show you daily totals for this week. Instead of leaving the totals for just this week though, let's open the filters to go back over the past 3 months...

Let's remove the Dimension of Sale Date...

...and add the Dimension of Sale Day of Week

And let's also pivot on the Sale Channel

Then let's run the report!

So our table looks like

and when we visualize the data, we can also see what this looks like

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