Speed of Credit Card processing/Cancels Transaction

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Multiple times a week when trying to run a credit card sale, Lightspeed shows the "Working" spinning circle but the information takes too long to transmit to the credit card terminal and then the sale cancels out. I have spoken with Lightspeed numerous times and they have said it is my credit card processors issue (I use Worldpay (Vantiv)). Worldpay says they are not having any issues and even sent me a new credit card machine to see if that would fix it. It didn't. I spoke again with both Lightspeed and Vantiv and was told to check my internet connection. I had AT&T come out to check and I have the highest speed and everything is hard wired so it's not the WiFi or internet connection. This becomes extremely frustrating as customers are waiting to check out. My neighbor also has Lightspeed and experiences the same issues. Getting ready for the busy holiday season and I need to resolve this issue but nobody can tell me how. Does anyone else experience this?

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