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Coupon and discount functionality in Lightspeed seems very basic and the business is loudly complaining. We would like to produce coupons that are single use. These are printed with a code/barcode and redeemable for a discount in store. Sometimes it is a % off a single item, a % off a total sale or a flat $ amount off the sale. Ultimately, we would like these codes to be in both the POS and eComm system so it can only be used once across platforms.

Has anyone figured out how to achieve this?

Is there a 3rd party app that can be added?

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  • BlueRibbonBlueRibbon Member Posts: 4

    Bumping this post, as I'd like to see this happen as well.

  • ElGeeElGee Member Posts: 11

    I am not sure but when thing like discounts and coupons are ignored because Lightspeed sells a rewards program.

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    Promotions in general are very weak in Lightspeed. I have complained (a lot) but typically get told "Have the cashier do it manually" as a workaround for anything. We do BoGos, by 12 get reduced price, etc. None of which are supported in LS. I haven't looked at third-party apps.

    Also, we are on Omni, and quickly discovered there is no link between retail and eCom around promotions. You have to do them manually in both places, and the functionality is different so you for the most part can't run the same promotions omni. And when the promotion is over you have to manually unwind almost everything.

    We have done things using discount codes online and either promotion rules or manual adjustments in store. For example, we did a July 4th sale that had a discount code online and told people to scream "I'm a firework!" at the cashier for the discount. Another sale we used the code for 10% off certain categories online, and set a pricing rule on the same categories in Retail. This version you can at least set both to expire automatically. Our work around was basically to change our promotions to match the limited options, or run them manually.

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    Hey @VintageWineGuy ,

    I understand the marketing tactics behind these types of promotions and I've noted them in an internal documentation tool we use to keep tracks of popular enhancement requests by customers.

    Thank you so much for your interest and sharing your ideas!

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    Resurrecting an ancient thread. I would also like to see one-time-use coupons. It's something we could definitely use.

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    I would like to add myself to this request, although in the past year Lightspeed has added the price rule functionality which I have made great use of in my seasonal sales this year, however I have a very strong need for promotions to offer different percentages off in a sale and have it work with a barcode to scan and not have the cashier need to manually select from the long list of discount types and thus keep the customer line waiting and nevertheless many times selecting the wrong coupon code altogether. I would like to ask Lightspeed if they could just add barcode functionality to the price & discount rules feature which will make me a happy man. One more thing to allow different percentage discounts rules in one coupon barcode. Thank you for looking into this.

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    So this basic one time customer credit feature is still not available? This is Retail POS 101

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    Adding on this too: LS, please add the single-use-coupon feature! This is something pretty basic that a majority of stores offer and that should have been there in LS for a while.

  • BammerBammer Member Posts: 2

    Another requester here also. Please add single use coupon feature. This seems like a basic need like previously mentioned and many use cases.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 786

    Hey @Bammer

    thank you for your feedback!

  • shia1shia1 Member Posts: 8

    Please Lightspeed start by having a scannable barcode options to discount rules, you already have barcode feature for discounts in your restaurant POS. We need this urgently. I hope you can have this soon. Ive been asking for this for almost two years now. Please can you tell me when we can expect this to happen?

  • shia1shia1 Member Posts: 8

    @VD_LS @Joey,

    when can we have a scannable barcode function for percentage discounts?

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