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Hi all, I'm looking through the documentation in an effort to get API access to the retail component of our Omnichannel service. I have access to the ecom side.

The documentation looks like I need to register as if I were creating some third party app to integrate into our LSPD service. All that I'm really looking to do is run my own queries from my machine (using wamp if it matters) to manipulate data and to search for specific things. Should I be looking in a different place in order to get these credentials or must I register some fictitious app?

Thanks for any help.


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    Hi @bentsc, everyone wanting access to the retail API needs to follow the same process outlined in the documentation. You needn't view it as a 'fictitious app' but rather a single shop integration. For this type of integration, you don't need to indicate a valid 'redirect URI' or 'website' when signing up; https://localhost, will suffice for both those fields. You can then handle the temp code-refresh token exchange by grabbing the temp code from the browser's address bar, as outlined here: .

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    ah ok great, thanks. i saw that i could use localhost for the one field but wasn't sure about the other.

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