Incomplete orders being logged

I've used half a dozen eCommerce websites in the past and all of the account for abandoned cart/incomplete orders the same way, abandoned or incomplete. What they don't do is add them to the "Orders" tab with an "awaiting payment" indication. To me that process seems confusing and creates a bunch of extra clutter when trying to look at orders that ned to be shipped. Has anyone found a workaround that would prevent these non-orders from propagating info into the orders tab? To me it seems intuitive that as the order commands are going though their loop, instead of an "invoice" being sent to the customer if they don't create and finish an order that order is just considered abandoned or dead. This seems to create a lot of confusion on the customer and the merchants end. For example - customer goes on, adds items to cart, goes to checkout, doesn't move all they way through the payment system, no order is created and no order is sent to back office order tab in the dash board.

Instead - same example as above but the "order complete" indication triggers the email appropriate for the action and is done so internally because of the trigger "order complete"

Would love to see a fix or modification / resolution for this.

the worst part of this is if someone goes to pay with PayPal but backs out of the sale and does not complete the payment portion of the action, the order confirmation still gets sent out to customer, merchant and order goes into the order tab in dash board. From there the merchant/shop owner now needs to determine if there is an issue on the payment end and that is why the customer was unable t complete the order, or if the customer is no longer interested in the order and has abandoned cart and or how does the merchant/store owner get paid for an incomplete order that was meant to be completed but for some reason was not.



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