Can the Retail API create a layaway?

rcbpdxrcbpdx Member Posts: 1
Is it possible to use the Retail API to create a layaway? I see that setting "isLayaway" to true doesn't alter quantity on hand. Is that the end of it, or is there some other way to create a layaway via the API? Thanks!


  • jamesratcliffejamesratcliffe Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 160 moderator

    Currently you can't create a layaway through the API.
    James Ratcliffe
    Lightspeed HQ
  • dtecgdtecg Member Posts: 2
    Why? I found a request for this in 2014! Everything should be available from the api by design.
  • david_dotdevdavid_dotdev Member Posts: 5

    Hi, is there any update on this? Really looking forward to have some support for this feature as the ability to create layaway via the API can help automate some business processes.

  • thisconnectthisconnect Member Posts: 24

    after i tried to use the layaway option in the API years ago (2017), i got an email from lightspeed:

    "In light of this, we have to recommend against using the isLayaway field until layaways are fully implemented in the API by development. We will also look at the possibility of making it impossible to set this field until then since it can cause a lot of headache."

    this is how we have to work with the API...

  • RevcycleRevcycle Member Posts: 32

    When is this going to get fixed?? Whether it be workorders, layaways or special orders, lets get going!!! It's ridiculous, you can find tonnes of threads where people are asking for this! If LS did it correctly the right way no one would need the API to do these things but when you need to build a manager for workorders because LS can't manage Labor units associated with a labor item, then you need a 3rd party solution.. Offer the needed tools or get out of the way and let us have access to it!

    Let's go already!!!

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