vantiv vs cayan? Is this a processing issue? Does anyone else have processing outages?

mariomario Member Posts: 7

Working at a retail store with 2 mx-915 payment processors connected to 2 ipads. Today I believe worldpay is having some sort of outage. This isn't the first time this has happened. It may be the worst and longest time it's happened.

When I call worldpay (and can get through to someone) they generally say everything is fine on their end and have me restart everything. Sometimes it works afterwards and sometimes it doesn't.

I don't know why both payment processors would stop communicating with the ipads at the same time so I assume it DOES have something to do with worldpay.

Lightspeed's status page today just says generically, "one of our 3rd party vendors is having issues."

I want to know from someone who has Cayan if they have similar experiences? We have square as a backup, but we are having to resort to square much too often. Does Cayan have less issues than Vantiv? What is your experience with payment processing outages?



  • savvychicsavvychic Member Posts: 13

    Thank you for posting. I have the same issues ALL the time and we use square as a back up too. I’m over being frustrated. I’ve talked to lightspeed and world pay numerous times and no one takes fault. I’ve even had AT&T come out to check my internet. Also thinking of changing credit card processing companies but not sure if that will solve the issue. I hope someone with cayman can tell us they have no problems and I’ll switch tomorrow. Can’t deal with this during the busiest time of the year!

  • bijalpatelbijalpatel Member Posts: 2

    I have the same issues as well. We've lost a lot of sales as a result. No one at Lightspeed is taking ownership. Extremely long wait times for customer support as well.

  • traciwaltontraciwalton Member Posts: 2

    We have suffered from the same issue since moving from onsite to retail. LS says third party issue and LIGHTSPEED is our processor.

  • savvychicsavvychic Member Posts: 13

    The BIG question is, is would this change by switching processing companies? Is it a Worldpay issue or a Lightspeed issue??

  • HeatherHeather Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 106 moderator

    Hello all,

    We sincerely apologize and understand the impact that service interruptions can have on your business. Our development teams have been proactive in strengthening our infrastructure over the past few months to ensure seamless operations for your upcoming holiday rush.

    Your business is our top priority and we thank you for your patience. If you wish to discuss this further, please let me know and a Customer Success agent will reach out. 



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