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In Jewelry business there are thousands of Repair Skus so a simpler way to create them is needed. I would like to create a link to a wizard webpage that would allow the user to configure service orders and import them into the work order or create a new work order via the API. But I don't know where to start.


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    Hey @Jewelsmith2 ,

    Nice idea! It is possible to create custom buttons on the work order tab that will call a website. You can start looking for information on these links:


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    Thank you for your help. I looked these over. The big question in my mind is how do I get the client data at very least I would need the clients ID to create a work order, if that is possible.

    I refer to

    That Booxi thread has been left unanswered for 7 months. The forum thread says no to work order creation but Booxi website says that it can create a work order

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    Hey @Jewelsmith2 ,

    This is true, using the API is not possible to create work orders or add items to it. The only option available is "GET/Read". My suggestion is to contact Booxi directly to confirm if they can do it or not.


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    We would love to have a custom page that pulls all the details from Booxi into lightspeed. Eg Customer Name, In our case Bikes into the workorders....

    No answers???



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    We too are a retail jewelry company. And found the WorkOrders module a little too lacking. Since most of our jobs process internally through jewelry and watch repair staff, we required an "audit trail" of who all has had the job, what locations and statuses the job has gone through, etc. That was one gap. The other was in that the Lightspeed Retail API lacks the POST and PUT methods.

    For us, we have Lightspeed Retail in place for one of our subsidiary companies. But the rest of the company uses a jewelry -specific software solution called ARMS ( It has a very feature-rich job repair tracker. So we just have our Lightspeed Retail sites use that ARMS module. And if we sync up inventory, the repair jobs appear in Lightspeed Retail just like a dummy product with a price and other details. For when the customer is paying off and picking up.

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    Hey @TopGearCycleNZ ,

    You could choose to integrate with Booxi and have your app display the relevant info.

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    Hi @Jewelsmith2 (and everyone!)

    Our customer @dougfastfix posted this thread which may interest you. They also do a ton of repairs.

    If you're looking for a partner integration to help manage repairs, as @roberto_pansera mentioned there's Booxi and we also have Ikeono.

    Hope this helps.


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    @Jewelsmith2 ,

    We did our own repair SKUs. Similar to Geller book, but based on our own business model and needs.

    We also built out our menu using LS's Custom Menu feature. This is time consuming and not easy to do. But it was worth it. Most commonly used SKUs are in this tiered menu.

    We then use TextExpander for intake item descriptions and conditions.

    Happy to share more if it helps.

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    @Jewelsmith2 Hello there, we are all still waiting for Work Order Create / Update. Be sure to voice your concerns here if you are still interested:

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