Trying to add product with individual descriptions to eCom. . .

Here's what I am working with:

We have a brand named G2. This brand has 14 flavors and within each flavor there is 5 nicotine levels per flavor.

Now- on the retail side these products have been added by creating a matrix. As in "G2" is a product, not each individual flavor/nic level. So, when I add the G2 product to eCom it all comes over at once giving me a pull down menu for each flavor and a pull down for each nic level. I can live with this even though it's not optimal.

What I have found is that I canNOT add descriptions of each flavor individually.

How do we "un-matrix" without losing inventory data or changing the product identifier number which I am sure is where the barcode is generated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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