IP range change?

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Since last sunday November 3rd, all incoming Webhooks come from other IP ranges.


Has there been a Lightspeed server migration? If so, why isn't this communicated to partners?

If it was communicated, point me to a link please.

All requests have been blocked untill we took action, therefore missed lots of updates.

Your helpdesk is ignorant, after 3 days i got a reply to ask my question on the community (here)...


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    Yes, on Monday the 4th of November there was a platform migration to the Google Cloud Platform. As mentioned on the eCom backoffice dashboards; "We upgraded our hosting service provider by migrating to Google Cloud Platform to provide additional stability and reliability throughout the coming holiday period and beyond"

    With the migration to the new platform there is no static IP-range anymore . The IP range is now dynamic. You won't be able to rely on the old IP filtering.

    There are 2 ways to validate your webhooks:

    1. If you are using a Lightspeed APP, you can use the "X-Signature" attribute in the custom headers of the webhook (https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/ecom/tutorials/webhooks/)
    2. If you created your webhook yourself, (= the X-Signature is not present) you must validate the webhook via the combination of the "X-Cluster-Id" and the "X-Shop-Id" attributes in your custom headers. (This is not documented, yet. I contacted LS support for this solution)

    Partners and webshop owners should have gotten an email about this migration.

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    HI @KdeKok The following email was sent out to partners:

    On November 3rd at 2 AM CET, maintenance will be performed on the Lightspeed eCom application in Europe. We are changing our hosting service provider to Google Cloud Platform to provide additional stability and reliability throughout the coming holiday period and beyond.This maintenance will result in a short period of downtime lasting between one to two hours, during which storefront, API and back-office features will be unavailable.

    What to expect during maintenance

    All API calls will return a 503 response

    Storefront and back-office features will be inaccessible and return a 503 response

    The status page will be regularly updated to provide you with the latest information

    What to expect after

    After this migration, Lightspeed eCom will no longer use static IP addresses. The application will use ephemeral IPs and any whitelists you may be maintaining will no longer function. If you were previously using IP ranges to authenticate Lightspeed eCom webhooks, please refer to our documentation for alternative methods moving forward.

    A dedicated team will be monitoring and addressing any issues that may arise during and after the migration.

    I will open a ticket with you to discuss the details further but @Timothy is correct in his explanation, and the webhook tutorial document linked above is now updated.

    API Support
    Lightspeed HQ
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    @Timothy @Leah Thanks both of you.

    Didn't receive that email unfortunately

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