Matrix products: general question

bobpassarobobpassaro Member Posts: 10

I've built a connection between LS Retail and Woocommerce which is generally working well, but matrix products (Woocommerce calls this idea "variable" products) are a proving problematic.

From what I can see, as far as LS is concerned, there is nothing special or different about a "matrix" product, except that it has a MatrixID attached to it. And if you use the auto create when you make a matrix it just appends the matrix attribute to the end of the product name: So if you had a matrix called "T-shirt" with S, M and L and you created the products, you'd get "T-shirt S", "T-shirt M" and "T-shirt L".

But that's it. You could go in and edit the name of "T-shirt L" to "Big shirt" and LS doesn't care at all because it's seeing these really as three totally independent products. It's more like a matrix is really just a shortcut way to create a group of very similar products.

Would you say that's accurate? Or am I missing something?

Is there a fully reliable way to get the information from a LS Item/product about which attributes of the matrix apply to it? What I'm seeing is that that's not really a concept at all in LS.

It's making the concept of importing a LS matrix product into Woocommerce as a variable product a little dicey -- Woocommerce handles this concept in a fundamentally different way.

I think I see another way to deal with this, but I want to make sure I'm really understanding what's happening in Lightspeed.

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