Matrix products: general question

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I've built a connection between LS Retail and Woocommerce which is generally working well, but matrix products (Woocommerce calls this idea "variable" products) are a proving problematic.

From what I can see, as far as LS is concerned, there is nothing special or different about a "matrix" product, except that it has a MatrixID attached to it. And if you use the auto create when you make a matrix it just appends the matrix attribute to the end of the product name: So if you had a matrix called "T-shirt" with S, M and L and you created the products, you'd get "T-shirt S", "T-shirt M" and "T-shirt L".

But that's it. You could go in and edit the name of "T-shirt L" to "Big shirt" and LS doesn't care at all because it's seeing these really as three totally independent products. It's more like a matrix is really just a shortcut way to create a group of very similar products.

Would you say that's accurate? Or am I missing something?

Is there a fully reliable way to get the information from a LS Item/product about which attributes of the matrix apply to it? What I'm seeing is that that's not really a concept at all in LS.

It's making the concept of importing a LS matrix product into Woocommerce as a variable product a little dicey -- Woocommerce handles this concept in a fundamentally different way.

I think I see another way to deal with this, but I want to make sure I'm really understanding what's happening in Lightspeed.


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    i have the same problem.. did you find a solution?

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    Hi, well, I have something in progress, but have not had a lot of time to devote to it so not finished. I think it just requires multiple api calls to deal with how things are set up in LS. I will post here when I get it done. Hopefully in the next few weeks :) fingers crossed.

    Meantime, we have to do some cleanup manually in Woocommerce sometimes to correct variations. For now I have exposed the ItemID and SystemSKU (which I use to link the Woo and LS products) in the Woocommerce product variation admin, so I can edit them there manually if necessary.

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    What is the issue you experience on the Woocommerce side of things? That is definitely not my experience with how matrices work, the base of the title always remains constant. In your example (this might be different if you are using onsite, I'm not sure on that), no you could not change the name to "Big shirt" if the item is still in the matrix. What is possible would be changing the variant to "Big shirt" which would result in an item named "T-shirt Big shirt". I would definitely recommend calling or emailing support to get more help with this issue.

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