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One of our companies is looking to integrate Lightspeed Retail with Podium. There are existing customers with this link. So it's not like something being built from scratch.

My question is what API scope permissions does this entail on the Lightspeed Retail end? I've having trouble getting a specific response from Podium.

I assume it would include employee:register_read and employee:customers_read. Is my assumption correct?


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 866 

    Anyone? I finally heard back from someone at Podium. They say they have read-only access to customer "invoices." I can only assume this means API scope of employee:register_read. Meaning they aren't just pulling the customer contact details, they are also presumably pulling sale amounts, item specifics, etc.

    Can someone at Lightspeed speak to this? @Alex Lugo are you familiar with this integration? I don't think it's third party, it sounds like it's directly between your companies. 😀

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    I helped bring the two companies together about 3 years ago. As you know Podium chases the jewelry vertical hard. The integration was half-baked at best (this is on Podium, not LS).

    Also Podium’s Chrome Extension still feels like an alpha product , almost three years after release.

    We moved to BirdEye 18 months ago. We integrate it into LS via Zapier. But I believe a direct integration maybe in the works.

    Much better tool.

    Thanks Doug

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 866 

    Thanks for the info! We will surely keep this in mind.

    According to Podium, all they pull from Lightspeed Retail are the customer contact details. So it could potentially save our staff some keystrokes sending out the review requests. Seeing the integration is relatively shallow it's more of a base hit than a home run really.

    And you are totally right, Podium hits our market really hard!

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