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I'm struggling with the following problem:

I need to access product data globally.

So at a textpage I need to get products based on a special category ID.

Unfortunately I can now only get this data when browsing within the category.

Example: shop.categories.3370796.subs.3299352 is only giving me the following:

But now I want to get all the products (and their details like: price, image, and URL) that are inside this "Werklampen" category.

Please help!

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    Hi @stefr,

    The product information is not available within the shop.categories variable as it is suppose to only list category information, for menus and other listings.

    The product information is only available within the product category itself. Note that products can be added to multiple categories but products added to text-page categories are not visible in the store front.

    If desired, please clarify the reason for using a text page to show products and I might be able to help with a workaround.

    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
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