Managing External Sales from Lightspeed API

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Hi Admins,

I have a separate question regarding making sales externally.

Is it possible to create a sale from another app (through the Lightspeed API) and create line-items and sale notes on the fly, then allow an employee at the POS to finalize it? Wondering if that's possible. Sort of like suspending a sale and then allowing an employee to pick it up by retrieving a Sale_Id or similar identifier.

Further, will employees be able to search keywords on these sales via the Retail POS?

Thanks much for you time and help!

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  • policenautspolicenauts Member Posts: 1

    I have this question as well. Any update?

    If the answer is no, is there a potential workaround involving creating a quote through the API and then pulling that up in Lightspeed POS?

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