i need a new feature in the POS in the inventory part

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i am new to lightspeed and came across a bigger problem that i should have discussed with you earlier. But i suppose lightspeed can help me in this. So i have the inventory section and in that we have different kinds of products. lets talk about a repair. So we fix phones. So when we sell the customer a new repair part and give them the warranty for about couple of months, if they come back how do we deduct that particular part from the existing inventory so that we will have the exact count. Is there any way i can talk to someone who can help this out since its plays an important part in my business. Please advice. Thanks


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    Hey @Fasiduman !

    This seems like something that's quite specific to your business as far as the setup goes. To avoid you having to wait too long for an answer here, I'd suggest you call into our Support Team so that we can go over how this could be achieved whenever you feel like going over it!

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    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

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    This seems to easy - so I am assuming I am missing something, but what I would do is sell the part, it comes out, so inventory is okay. If the customer comes back with a warranty replacement, you would sell the part again, but at zero cost, so inventory remains accurate.

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    @TrolleyMuseum that's a good option. Also he can return the defective part and sell the new part, making the sale total 0.

    But now, because LS doesn't have a return to defective option, inventory shows you have 1 item in stock. And it's defective. So you can't sell it. And now your inventory is wrong. Next step would then be a vendor return..... whenever you have time to do those.... which could be weeks. LS needs to add a return to defective option ASAP.

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    This is a big issue, I now have to have an employee with the authority to move inventory to a vendor return and ship the product out. It seems no one has a POS with defective return for sales screen.

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