Best practices for custom "assemblies"?

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I am trying to figure out some best practices for a couple of "assemblies" we need to manage that the normal functionality doesn't support. We do two things that are like custom assemblies, but we can't use assemblies because every one is custom.

The root of my problem is I don't want to show the detail prices of items that are in the custom assembly to the customer on the receipt.

Custom Gift Baskets - We do custom gift baskets where we pull wine and snacks off the shelf and wrap them up for $75 (or whatever, many price points). We don't like to ring each item up individually on the client receipt because we do mark everything up a bit, and there is labor, and it doesn't always add up to exactly $75. So we like to just ring it up as Gift Basket $75.

Custom Tasting Events - We also rent out the shop for custom tasting events at a flat fee. Like $450, get the shop, service, 6 bottles of wine, and have your own wine tasting. Again, we don't like to ring everything up separately because there is markup and service and labor imbedded in that - we just want Private Tasting $450 to show on the receipt.

The problem with both of these is we loose the inventory tracking on the items we consume as part of those. So I need some way to be able to build custom assemblies on the fly and wrap them in to one price in a way that protects the margin and inventory of the items we consume, but doesn't show the details to the customer.

I cannot use the Assembly functionality because they are all custom - it is super labor intensive to create an assembly build it, etc. just to ring up one item. We do use Assemblies for our standard gift baskets, but the majority of our basket business is custom.

Anyone tackled this before and have any best practices?

I am looking at ringing each item up on the receipt and changing the price of each item to $0, then adding the "Gift Basket" item. But that would mess up the margin of the items (and changing each line manually is also pretty labor intensive - a basket has 10-20 items in it).

I have also looked at ringing up a "shadow" transaction where I would create a Customer called "Custom Gift Basket" and ring the details on it to make sure the inventory and margin are accounted for, but I'm not sure how to correctly account for the money without duplicating it.

I haven't investigate customizing the receipt template to do some {% if it's a basket don't show prices %} yet because it seems like a hack, but might work.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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