Special orders and backordered items

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I work for a merchant that has a bricks-and-mortar shop and a website, which both work from the same inventory and are tied into the same LS account. I maintain the website and API connection for them. Generally working well. But ... an issue when an item is purchased on backorder via the website. My client says:

"... it would be great if a backordered item was treated as a special order (which is different than a sale in LS). When you’re ringing up a customer in LS, you can choose to special order a product rather than ring it up as a normal sale. It doesn’t deal with inventory at all at that point since it knows that it’s not something we have in inventory. Later, we can add the special order item directly to a purchase order to send to the vendor, and there’s a separate section of LS where all the special orders are listed, which makes them easier to track and find. When the item arrives, it’s flagged in LS as a special order, so that our receiver knows to send it directly to the customer rather than receive it as store stock ..."

It looks like the API only supports GET on special orders ... no way to create them programmatically? ( https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/retail/endpoints/SpecialOrder/ )

Is "special order" truly it's own entity? Or is it a type of Sale or Sale Line or something? Because I could have a Sale with one normal item and one backorder (special order) item. Is there a workaround, or some way to accomplish this?

If not, is POSTing to SpecialOrder on the roadmap at all?

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