Customizing Lightspeed Retail for Bookstores

I have a customer who is considering moving off a Filemaker-based point-of-sale bookselling solution to a cloud-based system at my instigation. In my investigations, one of the things preventing her from moving to Lightspeed is the lack of inventory fields for "author", "publisher", and "distributor." It seemed to me a trivial matter to find another software (cloud or mac-based) that would query the Internet, find this data, and populate inventory-record fields with this information. Do you track this other information in your Lightspeed installation and if so how? If not, can you think of a potential Lightspeed partner who could make this happen. I queried both the Canadian Booksellers Assn and the American Booksellers Assn and neither of them so far could think of a cloud-based or Mac-based point-of-sale system made exclusively for booksellers. There are a few quality systems made for Windows standalone and/or client-server configurations for independent bookstores, but from my investigation, none of these systems have been updated to incorporate contemporary retail strategies to combat the major brick-and-mortar or online retailers.

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