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We want too sell gift certificate on our web store is it possible too have free shipping on a single item(gift card) without affecting the shipping cost of the for the others items(we have a unique shipping fee for order under 99$)


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    Hello @Vélomania ,

    It is possible to set your shipping method so that the purchase of a gift card only offers free shipping.

    You would need to set the Gift Card weight to 0 and all other products with their true weight (assuming that all other products have a weight superior to 1 gram).

    Then the shipping setup would be as follow:

    • Tier 1 = 0 grams - 1 gram ($0.00)
    • Tier 2 = 1 gram - whatever ($your price)

    This way whenever someone only buys gift cards they are not charged for shipping but if they add any other products to the cart, then the usual charge will apply.

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