HELP !!! Orders created using Lightspeed APIs are not displayed in the Lightspeed admin.

Nicolas BernierNicolas Bernier Member Posts: 2


I am using the Lightspeed APIs (in production) in order to create orders and customers.

When I create new customers using the APIs, I see the customers created in the admin with no problem.

However, when I create an order, I cannot see the underlying created orders in the admin.

Here is a simplified flow explaining what I am doing :

1. Creating an order

API used:


Data sent :

"description":"Online order",

Answer : an order ID

2. Get one order by ID to verify that the order has been created

API used :




As you can see my order is well created but when I go in the admin, there is no corresponding receipt in the report part and no ticket are printed in the kitchen of the restaurant.

What am I doing wrong / missing ?

Thank you in advance for your help !!

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