STRIPE SCA (Strong Customer Authentication Readiness)

Hello! Has anyone managed to deal with this new requirements? Stripe is asking to update our integration to support SCA but we dont have any coders in our team and it is not clear what we have to do to fulfill those requirements...?

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  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 209 moderator

    Hi @urbntribe

    The implementation and upgrade of the Stripe payment method to support SCA is something we are aware of and looking into. This is not something you need to implement, assuming you are using the Lightspeed build payment method. The FCA (in the UK) has agreed to an 18 month extension to allow eCommerce platforms to integrate SCA. The 18 month extension started on September 14, you can read the details here:

    Other EU countries have also granted extensions.

    We are confident that our Stripe integration will be ready when SCA enforcement starts.

    Hope this clarifies the situation.

    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
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