Cash Sales Recon


I'd like to hear other peoples views on the best way to track that I receive all the cash from cash sales. I have multiple stores and I collect the cash twice a week, so its all at different times etc. So I don't necessarily have all the cash sales at week end for example, I have half the stores and half not. So I know how to check what the cash sales are daily etc and see if i got the envelope with the money in it, but is there a way in Lightspeed that I can check a box or type in an amount that I actually received. At the moment I download the closing counts report into excel and then type in the column next to it to say what I received, but I have to download every location separately and it's a very time consuming exercise. I'd love to just confirm on Lightspeed somewhere that I have "banked" or received it from the store? Any thoughts?

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