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I have some last questions about the API, especially the lite server conversion.

1) Using the route /rest/core/company, I get some properties. Does the one « enforceLiteserver » means that the company has a configured lite server and therefore I will have to do lite server conversion for all of receipts ids for orders related to that company ? 

2) I don’t see a lot of documentation about the use of receipt id conversion. Is the following flow a correct way of using the liteserverConversion route ? :

First, fetch the order by its id /rest/onlineordering/customer/{customerId}/{orderId}.

The body of the order should contain a “receiptId”. (Should I use this property for my further requests or is there a not documented property giving the liteserver-id ?)

Then, request /rest/liteserverConversion/receipt/{liteserverReceiptId} (<- where can I find the “liteserverReceiptId” ? Is it the previous property “receiptId” from the order body ?)

Which will return an int being the receipt cloud Id.

Finally, I can request /rest/financial/receipt with the previously got cloud id in order to fetch the “DONE” status of an order.

3) How can I test the lite server conversion with my staging account ? Could you enable a lite server for some one or two companies linked to my partner account « [email protected] » ?

Looking forward your response

Thank you in advance,


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